1. Rawness!

    How lucky am I to have seen things so beautiful, experience life-changing events, and to fall in love in a way that makes it so impossible to say goodbye? I’m on my way to see the sun rise at Pudong for one last time… See you later Shanghai, China, everything has been.. bliss in the rawest form life offers it 我爱你 ♥


  2. If you want to see me crying 5 times, I highly suggest you watch this video.


  3. 4

    4 is the number of days I have left in the most gorgeous place I have ever seen. I have spent 4 months, visiting 4 cities, going to my 4 (really annoying, but really productive) classes.

    But 4 will never be the number I can use to describe memories I have made, the wide range of friends that I have come to love, or the amount of times I have seen the sun rise here!

    Cheers to my last 4 days in Shanghai- making every memory count this time!


  4. Itches, man.

    I love that being in China made me realize there is a whole lot more than what you ‘get’ on an anniversary, or holidays, or just material things in general… (funny because I’m a fashion major- and my job is to tell people they do need these things!)

    I hate listening to girls- all they look for is money, money, diamonds, money, and stability. But you can’t even understand the real person until you go through something traumatic together! Where’s the fun in anything that’s already paved for you? And where’s the real romance if all you brag about are gifts- that poor guy!

    I would rather have someone who supports any year-round-mad-crazy-lunatic-last-minute-career-changing-travel-booking-off-the-wall-ideas I come up with than something materialistic 100 times over…and then 100 times over, again!

    This one is for you. Thank you 100 times over… and then 100 times over, again! :-*


  5. "千里之旅 始于足下"
    — My favorite quote of all time. Perfectly describes my eye and heart-opening experience in China… -Lao Tzu

  6. Surviving…?

    Well folks, it’s official. Im going to South East Asia for a month, so I deemed it appropriate to change my blog name in an effort to continue my once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

    "Surviving South East Asia"- eh, it’ll work.

    To live and to love, and have 100% gratitude towards traveling is the best thing to ever happen to me… bring it on South East Asia!

    Ill be in:

    Vietnam for a week-

    To see things that will make me smile:


    Make me grateful:

    And make me awe:


    Cambodia for a week:

    So I can see where movies are made (Tomb Raider!):

    Help me find some kind of peace:

    And to see what poverty really is:


    Thailand for two weeks:

    I will mark another thing off my bucket list!!!

    Ill marvel with my cheap thrills:

    And I will be accepting of taboo culture:

    I’ve never been so excited for change before!

  7. Dear China,

    Sometimes I stare at my flooded bathroom floor after taking a shower, the security guards I literally cannot communicate with, the squatters in public facilities with nasty things we shouldn’t see, and the kids who are allowed to pee in the streets…and I just cannot live with you.


    …But then I look back at memories here, and the only thing I have to say is I couldn’t have known how to really live without you… and for that I have no other words.


    Thank you to my beautiful and selfless daddy for providing me with the best experience I was undeserving to have!! I can’t wait to be able to do something like this for my kids! You are the shit daddy.


  8. "People think a soul mate is your perfect fit, and that’s what everyone wants. But a true soul mate is a mirror, the person who shows you everything that is holding you back, the person who brings you to your own attention so you can change your life."
    — Eat Pray Love

  9. Bliss in Shanghai

    It’s nice to sit in a crowded room- noisy with music, laughter, and people talking- and to be in complete silence with yourself.

    Staring & saying nothing… & nothing being said to you…

    But it’s that kind of nothing where you sit back and it’s absolutely everything!

  10. So, so perfect